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Being a Technical Device, Errors can appear anytime in the roku for which you would have to get Roku help from online Roku support technicians.

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Streaming Device Service

Link Activation

We will likely furnish Live 1 ON 1 help with any gushing stick or box? Despite what gadget you may have. We give experienced proficient assitance. Who will get things going.

Tv Setup

Can't discover your channel? That is an issue we can understand. On the off chance that this happens you've gone to the perfect spot. We'll enable you to direct, explore and address the issue. Our 1 ON 1 Live Agents will unravel it right away. You can have confidence it will be accessible when you need.

Activation Code

We have arranged and initiated a wide scope of spilling gadgets and TV's. Our 1 ON 1 Live Remote Agents are knowledgeable about Setting-Up huge number of gadgets and TV sets. You can generally rely upon us to fix them


Is it accurate to say that you are getting a ¨Error Message¨ on Screen? We can Help! We are exceptionally experienced and stay aware of all the most recent changes, in the development and amusement world. Which empowers us to assist you with finding the online universe of gushing substance.


Set-Top Boxes offer

Streaming Device has the largest number of “channels” to choose from among all of the mainstream set-top boxes. Some offer free content, many offer content that you have to pay for. These are not the same as cable TV channels. In general, the content is usually not live like broadcast or cable TV, but pre-recorded, so it’s like renting from a video rental store. Streaming Device has really improved the amount of free content that is available right out of the box. In no time I was watching free videos on YouTube, the History Channel, and Streaming Device’s own featured channels.

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How do I set it up?

Power up your Stream device

how to setup  gb

Connect the com link code with stream device.

how to setup

Create a stream account and link code activate your device

how to setup  gb

Tip: Stream players use an HDMI Cable to connect to your TV.

Remote Control Headphone Output

One feature unique to the Streaming Device units is headphone output in the remote control. This allows you to listen to the TV using headphones so you don’t disturb other people in the room, neighbors, etc. If you need this feature, it works well, and none of the other boxes have it!

The remote control itself feels nice and solid in your hand. In general, it’s pretty easy to navigate with it. I slightly prefer the navigation on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV where the “enter” button is in the middle of the four-way directional buttons, but that is minor gripe.

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